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 Good paragraph: I must have been moving very slowly yesterday because I reach the shallow stretch where I took my bath in just a few hours. I stop to replenish my water and add a layer of mud to my backpack. It seems bent on reverting to orange no matter how many times I cover it.

The reason I think this is a good paragraph because it tells me whats going around her and what the bad things are going on to her.

Bad paragraph: The cornucopia sits in it’s original position, but it’s insides have been picked clean. Most of the supplies, held in crates, burlap sacks, and plastic bins, are piled neatly in a pyramid in what seems a questionable distance from the camp. Others are sprinkled around the perimeter of the pyramid, almost mimicking the layout of supplies around the cornucopia at the onset of the Games. A canopy of netting that, aside from discouraging birds, seems to be useless shelters the pyramid itself.

I don’t like this paragraph because it only talks about cornucopia and the pyramid.


This book is actually in the future when North America is gone and they made 13 districts that are ruled by 13 mayors. This story takes place in district 12 near the time when the Hunger Games are gonna start(the hunger games are a kind of entertainment but it is also a time when 12-18 year old’s play in the game and they randomly choose one boy and one girl. The main characters are a girl named Katniss and her sister Prim and Gale the friend of Katniss who she can be herself around. The writer of this book is pretty good

sorry but this is originallythe first one but I got mixed up and put the second one up first sorry :(.

 The character that I like is Katniss because she is doing her best for her family and is trying to stay alive the sneaky way. The Characters that I dislike is Peeta Mellark the boy tribute from district 12. The reason is that Peeta wanted to make Katniss happy about them working together then he just goes and help the careers(people who trained to go in the Hunger Games) to go and kill Katniss. And the reason why the author put characters that people will dislike in the book since it will keep you interested at what happens in the book. The more and more of what I think the conflict is the more I think that it is both internal and external because the kids have to fight till they die and Katniss is fighting with herself in her mind. ever since I started reading this book I saw how much the conflict changes from time to time more so when the Hunger Games starts. The author gives information on what the characters are like to see if you’ll understand the character.

Single-handed swords: They were usually very light so you can have a shield with you but you will have very light armor as well. These swords weren’t usually sharp so they were best for people without armor but they they evolved and they gotten sharper so they can pierce armor on knights.
Two-handed swords: These swords were incredibly heavy so only strong men can use these weapons and they couldn’t use a shield and they had to use very heavy armor as well. They were very sharp so they can pierce armor pretty easily and they can take down foot soldiers with no armor very easily.
Daggers: These were used when they user lost his primary weapon, or when an archer gets  too close to someone. If someone had no armor was attacked by a dagger they would die with one blow, if someone had light armor the armor can get pierced.
Claymores: This weapon was a kind of two-handed sword but it was very thick and very long plus very hard to break. It was not used much in war because it was way too heavy but it could reach very far almost as long as spears.
Hammers: These one were used more of a last resort since they can take down people with heavy armor but they can be taken down with a two-handed sword.
regular bows: normal bows could shoot far and a good archer could shoot 12 arrows per minute. The bow was a great thing to use during a great battle starts so you can take down most of the enemies for the knights.
long bows:These weapons were used to attack from a far away distance with great accuracy so then they can a knight with one shot.
crossbows: The farthest these crossbows can fire is at least 200 yards,and can kill or injure knights in armor. It was most used in war but they were also used allot by assassin’s.  Even though crossbows were able to kill a knight with a single shot, well they are always in danger when they reload, so it was a dangerous part of the wars.
How they were made:
Swords:swords weren’t made individually but some swords had different thickness.
Hammers: Hammers were easy to make if you were a strong black smith and a wood worker.
Bows: All bows were made of wood with some string but they were all different sizes
regular: These are small bows that can’t penetrate armor but it can kill the animals that the person is riding.
long-bow: The long-bow can reach farther than the regular and can penetrate the knights armor a little bit.
crossbow: The crossbow was made of wood and metal that was made by blacksmiths and wood workers, The machinery for this was the only one of its kind (at the time) even though they hate change in their lives..
of its kind at the time.

  Where I’d like to be is to work in Grand Rapids Generating Station so I can work with my dad so I know whats going on when dads at work, But there are still jobs that are suitable for me like production woodworker.Which you need a high school diploma and you need courses in math, woodworking (of course), computers, and mechanics from school of course. The pay that you  can get for entrance level is $20,800 per year while average earnings are $26,300 per year.


  I have learned that there are more than one thing that youre good at and you can choose what you want to do with the rest of your life. My goal is to make a successful life with my job.  My strengths are that I like to fix things, make things with my hands, I’m good at making models, I like math, like to take pictures, movies, videos, podcasts, I think I am helpful,and I like to travel. My weakness’s are that I dont like to going to school except for being with my awesome teacher, I don’t work well under deadlines, I don’t like working outside in any type of weather,and I dont consider myself to be a leader.

This is a machine that you can control if you are a wood worker.

A Hydro dam is what uses water as electricity and brings it to other peoples homes so this is energy and water is a renewable energy source. This energy is commonly used by where waterfall’s were and is pulled through this gate to loosen the pressure and to make a turbine spin and that’s how water makes electricity. An old style of a turbine is a water wheel that was used along time ago and is still being used.

 If theres sediment iin the water the have a net that catches that plus fish and wood. All dams are not the same like the Hoover dam because it’s the biggest dam ever built plus it was even in the first transformers movie. The hoover dam is the thickest and the most precautious dams. 

Most games are puzzles but you don’t think that all war games have the same tachnique as a real live war that might have been used an actual war. That happened a long time ago. But it might be different every time. For once its like were actually making a strategy so we can join with knowing what to do besides we need to get used to guns.

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Do you want to know why Terry Fox is a hero then keep on reading this post. Terry Fox is a hero because he almost ran across Canada while gaining money to start cancer research by starting the Terry Fox run for everyone that has cancer.

Terry Fox had one leg and yet that didn’t stop him from running across Canada with  one real leg and one fake leg. Someone is a hero by what he/she does for people and helps them when ever they can. Terry Fox was trying to run across Canada but failed by dieing on the half way point but his donation goes on and are figuring out how to stop cancer. Terry Fox even has his own statue in  Thunder Bay and everyone wants his dream to go on forever. Even though he is gone his spirit will live on forever.

I wonder what the second chaos beast is.

Chaos beast #1 the Hydra

chaos beast #3 Rock Roc

chaos beast #4 O-Dokuro

Chaos beast #5 Dracowerepyre